Helpline Supporter's Program

Our sites guide people toward getting the help they need via toll-free advisor helplines. Qualified centers may be eligible to engage these prospective clients directly as Helpline Supporters.

Targeted Display Ads

We’ll provide you with highly targeted traffic to your website or profile (with call-tracking enabled) through ad placement on our family of addiction treatment sites, at a fraction of the cost of traditional PPC.

Professionals' Community

A new platform that will elevate the caliber of addiction-focused content through strategic partnership with the best voices in the fields of treatment, recovery, prevention, policy and more. Beginning with a ProTalk series on, the community will grow to include interactive forums, groups and additional networking resources.

What's Coming

  • Publishing unprecedented research for consumers to identify the best treatment providers by category.
  • Personalized services for those treatment seekers wanting to make a more guided decision.
  • Intelligent benchmarking and insights for treatment providers who choose to market with Recovery Brands.